Transcript of President Trump’s Remarks At The White House Senior Staff Swearing In Ceremony January 22, 2017

President Donald Trump gives short speech ahead of White House senior staff swearing in ceremony conducted by Vice President Pence.

Thank you very much. Very nice. I just, uh, went to the Oval Office and found this beautiful letter from President Obama.  Uh, it was, uh, really very nice of him to do that and we will cherish that, we will keep that, and we won’t even tell the press what’s in that letter.

I want to, um, start off by, uh, telling you I just spoke with Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia. Great state, great people. Florida affected, Alabama affected by the tornadoes and just expressed our sincere condolences for the lives taken. Tornadoes, uh, were vicious and powerful and strong and, um, they suffered greatly. So we’ll be helping out the State of Georgia. Uh, we’ll be speaking with Governor Scott right after this and we’ll be uh, Alabama’s a special place. Florida, special place, but they got hit hard. They all got hit hard. But, uh, it looks like Georgia’s lost at least eleven people as of this moment, a lot of people. Uh, so, uh on behalf of all of us, Governor Deal, uh, condolences.

We, um, are going to tell you that this has been a very interesting few days. We have, uh, set up meetings with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. And, uh, Prime Minister May will be coming over to the United States shortly. Uh, we’re also meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada, and we will be meeting with the President of Mexico, who I know. And we’re going to start some negotiations having to do with NAFTA. Anybody ever hear of NAFTA? I ran a campaign somewhat based on NAFTA. But we’re going to, um, start renegotiating on NAFTA and immigration, and on security of the border. And Mexico has been terrific, actually, terrific. And the President has been, uh, really very amazing, and I think we’re going to have a very good result for Mexico, for the United States, and for everybody involved. Very important. It’s a very, very important thing.

Uh, and speaking of important, you’re very important. Because with you and all of the people in this room, we are going to, uh, do some great things over the next eight years, okay? Thank you. Right?  Right? Great group. It’s a great group of people. And if they’re not, I will let you know about it. This is the bad news about being the fa-, I will let you know if they’re not doing the job, okay? I’ll praise them if they’re doing it, and I’ll let you know if they’re not doing it. But they will do it, they’re going to do a fantastic job. I’m so proud of ‘em. I know ‘em so well.

Each and every one of you should be extremely proud. Give yourselves a round of applause. Come on, give yourselves a round of applause. To your family and friends who are gathered here today, I want them all to know how important you are to the functioning of the White House and ultimately to the functioning of the United States of America. I also want to thank the families here today for all you have done to support your loves ones as they’ve devoted their time and energy to causes of public service including many long nights, they’ll be away. Long, long nights that will go on for a long, long time, but we’re going to come out way ahead. We’re gonna come out way, way ahead as a nation, as a country, we’ll come out way ahead, because I know what we have. I know how talented these people are.

We’re also a team. It’s a team. It’s a great team. It’s a team that gets along. And as I said during my inaugural address, this is not about party. This is not about ideology. This is about country. Our country. And it’s about serving the American people. We’re not here to help ourselves. We’re here to devote ourselves to the national good. Public service is a high and great calling. It’s our solemn duty together to protect the country, our country. This great, great country. To defend its workers, and promote the well being of all Americans. So many people are depending on us, and on you as families. You as people that are going to get it done. So many people. The veterans, the unemployed, men and women serving in harm’s way overseas, victims of crime, and young Americans looking to fulfill their dreams. So many of those young Americans, and they’re going to be fulfilling their dreams. We’re going to make it much easier for them.

We will face many challenges, but with the faith in each other, and the faith in God, we will get the job done. We will prove worthy of this moment in history, and I think it may very well be a great moment in history. So be proud. Be very proud.

Now I began with this gentleman right here. I said, ‘Mike, how about it?’ And he said, ‘Not even a question.’ And it was a great decision for me. So Mike Pence, our fabulous Vice President of the United States will administer the Oath of Office, and congratulations to everybody. Congratulations.

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