June 5th, 2017: Donald Trump’s Unhinged Tweetstorm Par Excellence

From travel ban to another attack on London Mayor to blaming “Obstructionist Dems” for his own failures, it’s been quite a morning for the President.

It used to be that one had to follow some crazy underground newspaper editor or cult leader to see some crazy nonsensical utterances. Like a train wreck, or that photo of dismembered limbs, these types were disgusting to view, yet too fascinating to turn away from. There are many very sane people out there who look to the crazies just to reassure THEMSELVES that they’re normal.

These days we don’t have to look too far. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, you’ll more often than not find out what President Trump has to say on a variety of subjects. We’ve even gotten to the point where we can easily pick out the tweets written by his staff. Those are the ones that appear to have been composed by a sane person.

Today Donald Trump’s Tweetstorms went on a wild rampage through a number of subjects. Here we go!

These were done all before 7AM, mind you.

One has to ask: What kind of person has such a foul, dissatisfied attitude about his surroundings that he starts his day off with such derision? Seriously? Whether you support him or not, is this how YOU start off your day?

Do you work for a boss who does this? Does your father or mother start off their day this way? Not to disparage anyone’s parents, but I would imagine if they did, you probably wouldn’t have a very healthy outlook on life.

Clearly the President isn’t getting very much sleep. I’ve known a few septuagenarians who get to the point where they get little more than a few hours each night. Perhaps this is the issue?

And what makes sense about any of the above tweets? He insists his Executive Order  is now a travel ban, despite his press secretary and his defense team stating otherwise.

Of course, since his remarks yesterday about London’s mayor caused such an uproar, Trump decided to double down and make yet another nonsensical and insensitive attack, and once again out of context.

Finally, he rants on the notion that none of his ambassadors have been approved, and blames it on the Democrats. Ahem…5 have been approved, with only 11 nominations coming from the President since his inauguration. As far as “Obstructionist Dems”, last I checked Republicans had control of the now filibuster-proof Senate.

This is nutty. It’s not right. It’s not “fake news” when he makes these nonsensical and insensitive Tweets in the wee hours of the morning, sounding like that uncle who plowed through that entire box of wine and 18 pack of Bud Light at Thanksgiving. If you’re a Republican/conservative, I get that you’re very happy that the agenda you support is finally making its way into American policy, but I don’t understand how you can’t see what so many of us already have…That this particular president has no empathy, and no impulse control. It’s divisive, and eventually will become very dangerous.

POSTSCRIPT: Trump does a triple double down on his use of the term “Travel Ban” in an early evening update.

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