From The Editor: May 1st, 2017


You may have noticed that the site hasn’t been officially updated since March 4th. That’s the day I gave up.

This site was originally intended to keep track of what I thought were political points from a president who was controversial at best, and erratic at worst. His electoral victory (An important point to make due to the fact that he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million) appeared at least in part to mandate a shift in the direction of how the breadbasket of America thinks, and what they expect the President of the United States to accomplish.

As opposed as I was/am to the election results, I do understand that our Constitution served its purpose. I didn’t complain about the Electoral College, as that’s how our founding fathers made things. This was an attempt on their part to give the people a voice, but not necessarily too much democracy.

I kept somewhat of an open mind, seeing as how I had no choice. I figured I’d fight the political battles of conservative opposition and changes to what had been decided under the previous administration, and thought, even though it was a long shot, that Donald Trump would finally make his long awaited “presidential pivot.”

Boy was I ever wrong!

From the day before the inauguration until March 4th, I diligently kept up with the daily goings on. That is, until the famous (or infamous) “wiretapp” tweets.

That did me in. I couldn’t even remotely pretend that I was following along from a political perspective, as Donald Trump’s actions have, and are, becoming increasingly strange, erratic, and confounding. I took a break for quite some time, nearly the entire month of March, without following along too closely to news or even Twitter. I needed a break from the constant barrage of nuttiness.

Now that (as of this writing) we’ve just passed Trump’s 100 day mark, and his recent conversations regarding an “archaic” US Constitution, rattling his saber at North Korea (Before now opening up to the possibility of meeting him), and also inviting extrajudicial murderer Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte because “He has a very high approval rating in the Philippines.”

These are just a few samples of an increasingly unpredictable and erratic man. This goes beyond party politics. He is a danger to our democracy.

Yes, it’s my opinion. I have no degree in Political Science nor was I a history major in college, but I’ve read and studied enough even at the student level (And continuing throughout my life. History is a hobby of mine) to know that this is not normal on an historic level.

You may have an entirely different opinion, and that is your right. However you might want to consider this: If YOU were President of the United States of America and the presumed leader of the free world, would YOU act like he does?

Here are some links if you wish to continue to follow Donald Trump’s daily routine: